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Partial Nephrectomy

If you have been diagnosed with kidney cancer your urologist and oncologist may recommend surgery. Depending on the staging of your cancer and location of your tumor your surgeon may be able to perform a partial nephrectomy, or removal of just the diseased part of your kidney. With a partial nephrectomy the healthy, functioning part of your kidney is preserved. That’s important because studies have proven that patients undergoing partial nephrectomies (versus a total or radical nephrectomy) are less likely to suffer from chronic kidney disease (CKD).

A partial nephrectomy performed with the daVinci Surgical System compared to traditional, open surgery or laparoscopic surgery offers numerous possible benefits including:
  • improved clinical outcomes
  • better cancer control
  • shorter hospital stay
  • lower risk of wound infection
  • less blood loss
  • more precise tumor removal
  • more exact kidney reconstruction
  • greater possibility of preserving kidney structure
  • improved preservation of renal function
  • shorter overall operative time
  • lower rate of post-operative complications
Dr. Baig talks about a partial nephrectomy.

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