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"Patient, Husband Amazed with Excellent Care"

Like many people, Joan L. does not look forward to being a hospital patient. She had undergone several surgeries in the past, each one causing significant anxiety beforehand. This past fall, her knee had been bothering her for a while, but the outpatient knee surgery she needed had to be postponed for a stress test, which only served to elevate her anxiety level about the procedure. She and her husband, Rob, were pleasantly surprised by how smoothly everything went when she finally underwent surgery at Mercy Tiffin Hospital. They scheduled the surgery in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holidays in order to take advantage of a break from school since Joan is a teacher.

We went in the Monday of Thanksgiving week, Rob said, arriving at 6 in the morning, as Joan was the first patient of the day. We were so impressed that while we were still only half awake ourselves, everyone there was already smiling and friendly. Chris greeted us, and then Kelly helped with pre-op. Doctors Kothari and Copeland stopped in for a few last minute comments, then Bridget, Teresa and Mike assisted with the procedure, and Pat took care of post-op, stage one. While my wife was recovering from the anesthesia, Betsey took over with final questions, and Mark taught her how to walk on her crutches. Finally, Janet assisted us to our car.

Rob said he commented to his wife after the surgery was over that 11 people had helped her in just five hours, and everything went flawlessly.

There was not a single glitch or negative attitude, Rob said. Everything went incredibly smoothly. You could tell the team members were just so in tune with one another. Everyone had their job to do and did it well. They were pleasant and professional, and their caring attitudes were very comforting to both my wife and me. We left feeling confident that we received the very best care in a polite and caring manner. I am still amazed at how efficient these professionals were at their respective assignments.

Rob noted that he and Joan also appreciated receiving what they felt were very thorough discharge instructions.

I was going to have to give Joan blood-thinner shots for two weeks, and they wanted to be sure Id be completely prepared to do that, Rob said. They showed me what to do and made sure we were going to be OK with that before we left the hospital. The physical therapist also showed Joan some exercises to do at home, and she found those to be very helpful. The home therapy has worked well, and she has very good movement and is only a little sore now. Rob and Joan were so impressed with their experience at Mercy Tiffin Hospital that they sent a thank-you letter to the hospitals administration.

We live in a small town, and in a small town, you tend to notice that people like to complain a lot you hear about everything everyone is unhappy with whether it is the schools, their jobs, retail establishments in the area or the hospital, Rob said. I think it is important that the positive stories get out there too. We had such a wonderful experience at Mercy, and we just wanted to let everyone know about it we are still amazed by the care we received.

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