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"Couple Touched by Care, Seeks to Give Back"

Patrick G. has been undergoing Cardiac Rehab at Mercy Tiffin Hospital since March. He and his wife, Brenda, have been so happy, both with the care that he has received and with the assistance the Mercy Hospital Eligibility Link Program (HELP) provided, they wanted to do something to give back to the hospital. Brenda, an artist, has donated a beautiful pen-and-ink drawing that Mercy Tiffin will auction off to raise funds for the hospital program or service of Patrick’s and Brenda’s choice. The winner was announced as part of Mercy Tiffin’s Mercy Week celebration.
“I’ve been a patient of Mercy for many years,” said Patrick, who also is a former employee. He worked as an orderly as a teenager, and his mother used to cook in the kitchen at Mercy Tiffin. “I have always gotten top-grade treatment there. Some time ago, I had two heart attacks, and I had to get a stent. Afterwards, my doctor suggested Cardiac Rehab. I was apprehensive at first – I was, at the time, just sitting around in my chair not doing anything. I did find it hard at first, but they got me stretching, and they got me up on the treadmill. It wasn’t long before I worked up to 15 minutes on it. I do that and then 15 minutes of sitting and pedaling – now I can get up out of my chair and just walk away.”
Patrick was nervous about more than just the physical exertion when we started Cardiac Rehab – he also was concerned about how he and Brenda were going to pay for his therapy. But thanks to Mercy’s Hospital Eligibility Link Program, help was easily accessible.
Sharon Faris (HELP Representative) got everything set up for us,” Brenda said. “This was not the first time we accessed HELP. Patrick has had two heart attacks, bleeding ulcers, a bone scan for a fracture in his hip, arthritis. They (HELP) try hard to work with you and find ways to help. They are compassionate and caring.”
Brenda, who started drawing when her children were very young and used to give drawings as teachers gifts and donated one for a fundraiser held in conjunction with her high-school reunion, said she always feels that there is a purpose for each piece of artwork she creates.
“When I draw, a lot of the time, I ask the Lord where he wants the drawing to go,” she said. “Sometimes he tells me to choose – and this was one of those times. HELP has made such a difference for us, so I thought maybe I could do something to help them raise money to help someone else. I know what it’s like to be under the financial burden of wondering where the money to pay medical bills is going to come from. This was my way of saying ‘thank you for making life easier – for our whole family!’ Patrick has gotten very good care from Mercy, and HELP has made it affordable.”
As for Patrick, he says is grateful to both HELP and Cardiac Rehab.
“I am still doing my rehab,” he said. “I am on what they call ‘maintenance’ now. I may not be 100 percent, but for being 72, I think I get around pretty well now – and Cardiac Rehab has really helped.”

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