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"Compassionate Care for Father"

Kelly D., RT(R), an x-ray tech at Mercy St. Anne Hospital, experienced St. Anne in a completely different way when her father became a patient. He was in and out of the hospital from July through April. He passed away on April 25. Kelly said the care given to her father and the compassion rendered to her family was phenomenal.

"My Dad started having a lot of pain in July and was diagnosed with Cancer in October,” she said. “He was in bad pain in January and from then on was in the hospital every two to three weeks. We experienced just about every area of St. Anne with him – the ED, ICU, Med-Telemetry, Surgery, Progressive, Med-Surg, Radiation Oncology. Every single part of this hospital was just fabulous. We couldn’t have asked for better care for Dad.”

Kelly said that even non-patient care staff reached out to her Dad and the entire family.

“The Cafeteria staff even got to know my parents by name,” Kelly said. “They would always ask how he was doing, and even now, since his passing, they ask how my Mom is doing. She came in the other day and at least six people said hello to her in the hall.”

Kelly said that everyone seemed to go out of their way to make her Dad and family feel at home.

“Sometimes the housekeepers would come in and just talk with Dad, and Dietary would bring him extra popsicles just to make him smile,” she said. “We just want everyone to know what a good job they do all around, and how much it meant to us. The well-wishes, the hugs, all those times someone said, ‘How’s it going?’ or ‘Can we do anything?’ just meant to the world to us.”

Kelly is also very grateful for the support she received from her coworkers.

“X-ray gave me two weeks off to spend with my Dad before he passed away,” she said. “I recognize that everyone pitched in and helped with covering my shifts. To have that time with him was so important to me and to have that happen without any effort on my part was just amazing.”

The support continued in the final days of her father’s life and as Kelly and her family laid him to rest.

“When the staff in Radiation Oncology heard he was admitted for the last time, they came to visit, and they came again to say goodbye when he left for Hospice,” Kelly said. “My entire department came to his funeral, as did staff from the Cafeteria and Security. My family appreciates all that was done for us so much, and we just want to make sure everyone is recognized.”

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