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"St. Anne Delivers Compassionate Care in Patient's Final Days"

Erica R., an Environmental Services Team Member at Mercy Willard Hospital, said the care and compassion her family experienced at Mercy St. Anne Hospital made her feel proud to be affiliated with the hospital through Mercy.

“My uncle, Warren H., was a terminal cancer patient when he entered St. Anne for what we knew would be the final days of his life,” Erica said. “My dad and mom were there everyday, and they kept telling me how sweet, considerate and compassionate everyone there was.”

Erica said many members of Warren’s large family came to visit, and St. Anne’s staff never limited the number of visitors or made them feel as if they were in the way.

“He has a son in the military who received special permission to come home from Iraq to see him, and St. Anne welcomed him and let him stay all night,” Erica said. “They didn’t force him out when ‘visiting hours’ were over. In fact, they let the family come in 24/7 and made everyone feel comfortable. They brought in extra chairs and even brought us sandwiches, cookies, pop and water to make sure we wouldn’t miss a moment with him. We were able to really enjoy being together as a family during the last week of my uncle’s life.”

Erica said her parents were impressed with and surprised by the level of care and service the entire family received.

“They had never had any experience with a Mercy hospital before,” Erica said. “And honestly, they always saw Mercy Willard as a ‘band-aid’ hospital and chose to go elsewhere for their care. But I think this changed their perception, because I explained to them that all of the Mercy hospitals adhere to the same Core Values and Standards of Behavior, and we all strive to fulfill the same Mission. From the biggest hospital, St. V’s, down to the little hospital in Willard, it’s like a code we all live by. I told my mom that if she were to come to Mercy Willard Hospital, she could expect to receive the same kind of treatment that so impressed my family at St. Anne – that’s just how all of Mercy operates. I have never been prouder to be a part of this system.”

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