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Liz and Emmett B., of Ayersville, Ohio, spent a great deal of time at Mercy Hospital of Defiance during the summer. They both asserted that they had the best care possible during each hospital visit.

 Liz spent three days at Mercy Defiance in May. Suffering from arthritic gout, she was unable to walk, could not move her hands and simply felt “helpless” when she entered the hospital.

“Dr. Gasper is my doctor, and he was going away for the weekend, but he made sure all of the arrangements were made for my care, told me which doctor would be on call and went over in detail what to expect,” Liz said. “I didn’t feel like he was just abandoning me – I felt I would still be in good hands – and I was.”

Liz was particularly impressed with the quality of service provided over the weekend, when she said she believed hospitals typically are short-staffed.

“You don’t expect to get as much attention on a Sunday,” Liz said. “But at Mercy Defiance, the weekend felt like any weekday. One nurse called off, and the hospital went to the extra effort of bringing in three extra helpers to ensure every patient still got a bath or shower and got clean linens. I thought that was exceptional. And all the nurses were very polite. They wanted to make sure everyone was comfortable – even when I was just in with Emmett, they always asked me if they could get me something to drink or if I needed anything.

“And, we were so impressed with the quality and selection of the food coming from Toledo. You would have thought there was a kitchen preparing it right there in the building. Emmett felt they provided great options for diabetic patients, and everyone who delivered the food was very efficient and friendly.”

Emmett experienced three hospital stays between May and July. He had been having chest-cold-like symptoms and also some problems with his leg. One evening after dinner, Liz found him on the floor. He was unable to get up on this own. He did not know why he had passed out, and now his feet simply would not move. Admitted to Mercy Defiance through the Emergency Department, Emmett presented with very low blood pressure, and doctors discovered a diabetic infection in his leg.

Emmett spent six days in the hospital, undergoing antibiotic treatment. A week later, he was back in the hospital with the same symptoms, though not quite as severe. As he was preparing to go home, he and Liz said the staff was very thorough in preparing him to go home. They made sure he had the proper medications in the proper doses and even invited Liz to bring in his CPAP machine so they could ensure it was prepared properly for his use at home.

Emmett was hospitalized one more time this summer, during which a second type of infection was found and treated. Throughout all of his hospitals stays, he was impressed with the personal attention the staff provided.

“There was one day that the nurse bathing him even offered to give him a shave,” Liz said. “He had been feeling so bad, and looking terrible – getting all cleaned up and freshly shaved really made him feel better. We were both just so impressed she took the extra time to do that. Sometimes it is those little things you don’t expect anyone to do that make all the difference.”

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