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"Excellent Care Provided to Volunteer in Time of Medical Need"

Eleanore D. has been a volunteer with the Mercy system since 1991 and has served at Mercy St. Anne Hospital since it opened seven years ago. Fortunately, her volunteer position with the Medical Staff Services Office at St. Anne put her in the right place at the right time – twice this year she arrived to volunteer and ended up in the Emergency Room – where she says she received excellent care from Erich Pontasch, MD, Chief of the Medical Staff at St. Anne.

“On Aug. 10, I thought I was just suffering from a bug bite, but when I came in to volunteer and ran into Dr. Pontasch in the office, he saw it and said it was actually a staph infection – he directed me to meet him in the ER, where he saw me right away. He put me on several medications and then saw me for three follow-up visits to make sure it cleared up.”

Dr. Pontasch came to her aid again in September when she suffered an allergic reaction to a bee sting.

“I had been stung on the face, near my eye on Sept. 20,” Eleanore said. “I saw my primary care provider on Sept. 23, and he just looked at it but didn’t remove the stinger. He told me to put cortisone on it, which I did. Then, on Sept. 28, when I went in to volunteer at St. Anne, Andrea Smith (Manager of Medical Staff Services) was concerned by how red my face was and said she thought I was having an allergic reaction to the sting and should go right to the ER. Dr. Pontasch once again saw me immediately and gave me some prescription medication and also told me to take Benadryl, and that solved the problem.”

Eleanore said she appreciated both the excellent care Dr. Pontasch provided and the caring manner with which he treated her.

“He was very nice and made me feel really at ease,” she said. “I also felt very confident that he knew what he was doing – and after he treated me, I recovered quickly from both incidents. I am very thankful to him for correctly diagnosing and treating me.”

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