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"St. Charles is Number One with Recent Patient"

Raquel O. left St. Charles Mercy Hospital following her inpatient admission for dangerously high blood pressure with mixed emotions. She was, of course, happy to be better and going home to resume her normal activities, but, she was sad to say goodbye to the caregivers who had become good friends in a matter of days.

“Yes, I wanted to go home, but I still cried when I left,” Raquel said. “It didn’t matter which shift a person was on or what their position was, from the nurses to the housekeepers, every staff member was so sweet and caring.”

Raquel, only 43 years old and very active, was shocked two years ago to learn she had high blood pressure.

“Dr. Bommana (Venu Gopla Reddy Bommana, MD, Internal Medicine) has been helping me to control my blood pressure with medication, and for the most part that had been working,” she Raquel said. “But, I woke up one Friday morning with a blood pressure of 180/111 (a healthy blood pressure reading is less than 120/80), and the left side of my face was going numb. I started panicking, thinking I was having a stroke. Dr. Bommana told me to go to St. Charles. I waited for my husband and sister to get home, and we all went together. When I got there, my blood pressure was 236/126. I was turning red and could barely lift my head. My potassium level was also really low. They put me on an IV and got my blood pressure down and my potassium up. Every staff member made me feel at home as they cared for me in the ER and then admitted me.”

Raquel’s daughter, son-in-law and grandson spent Friday night at the hospital with her, and Raquel was thrilled that the staff allowed her grandson to sleep in her bed with her.

“They treated me and my family like we were their family,” she said. “I have never been in a hospital before where the staff makes you feel so at home. I am used to sleeping with a fan, so they even found me a fan and let me sleep with it on. When I had questions, they had no problem making sure I understood everything completely. One nurse in particular, Angie, spent a lot of time just talking with me. Whenever I needed anything, Housekeeping and Dietary were right there. Not one to sit still, I walked all over the hospital, and I met so many people. Absolutely everyone I met was wonderful, and I was amazed at how clean the entire hospital was.”

Raquel said she will recommend St. Charles to anyone who asks which hospital to go to, and she would take her family members there if they ever need care.

“St. Charles is Number One in my eyes,” she said. “I want to thank everyone who helped take care of me during my stay on the second floor. The people there are amazing – and that is what makes a hospital – the way the staff cares and how they make the patients feel.”

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