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Dealing With Poison Ivy

separator At any time in your life, you can become allergic to poison ivy, oak, and sumac. These plants contain an oil called urushiol, which is found in all parts of the plant. It's this oil that gives you the rash. If you've been around these plants, wash everything as soon as you come inside to get rid of the oil right away.

Remember these three things about poison ivy, oak, and sumac:

  • Avoid

Learn to recognize the leaves of the plants so that you can avoid contact with them. Poison ivy has medium-sized leaves that are shiny and cluster in threes. Often there is a slight groove in the leaf, giving it the look of vaguely having a thumb.

  • Prevent

If you think you will be in an area that has these plants, apply Ivy Block before you go out. This can prevent the rash from developing, or make the rash less severe if it does develop. If you think you have been exposed, within two hours wash with soap and water, apply rubbing alcohol to your skin, or try washing with Tecnu soap.

  • Treat

A poison ivy rash generally lasts about two weeks. Over-the-counter remedies, like calamine lotion, can offer temporary relief in most cases, but there is no cure for this supremely itchy condition. It's important to keep the rash clean, especially if it begins to ooze, to prevent infection. If the rash is severe, develops on your face or genitals, or if you have a fever or have difficulty breathing, see your doctor for additional treatment.

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