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Our Health Information Database is provided by A.D.A.M. the leading provider of electronic and printed information for professionals and consumers in healthcare and industry. It provides authoritative, reliable content written and reviewed by an editorial board who represent a variety of specialty areas. This board reviews and evaluates all healthcare information to ensure it is accurate, reliable, and can be used with complete confidence. And now you have access to the same authoritative, trusted clinical information relied upon by health professionals around the world.
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B-12-SL - Vitamin B-12 (Cyanocobalamin) (By mouth)
B1-50 - Thiamine (Vitamin B-1) (By mouth)
B1-500 - Thiamine (Vitamin B-1) (By mouth)
B3-250 - Niacin (By mouth)
B3-50 - Niacin (By mouth)
B6-50 - Pyridoxine (Vitamin B-6) (By mouth)
B6-Folic Acid - Vitamin B complex (By mouth)
Babee Cof Syrup - Antitussives (By mouth)
Baciguent - Bacitracin (On the skin)
Baciim - Bacitracin (Injection)
Bacillus of calmette and guerin (Inside the bladder)
Bacillus of calmette and guerin vaccine, live (Injection)
Bacitracin - Bacitracin (Into the eye)
Bacitracin - Bacitracin (On the skin)
Bacitracin (Injection)
Bacitracin (Into the eye)
Bacitracin (On the skin)
Bacitracin Zinc - Bacitracin (On the skin)
Bacitracin/neomycin/polymyxin B (On the skin)
Baclofen (By mouth)
Baclofen (Injection)
Bactine - Topical anesthetic (On the skin)
Bactrim - Trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole (By mouth)
Bactrim DS - Trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole (By mouth)
Bactroban - Antibacterial (Single agent) (On the skin)
Bactroban - Mupirocin (On the skin)
Bactroban - Mupirocin calcium (Into the nose)
Bal In Oil - Dimercaprol (Injection)
Balacet 325 - Propoxyphene/acetaminophen (By mouth)
Balanced Salt Solution - Eye wash (Into the eye)
Balsalazide (By mouth)
Banaril - Diphenhydramine (Injection)
Band-Aid Hurt-Free Antiseptic Wash - Topical anesthetic (On the skin)
Banzel - Rufinamide (By mouth)
Baraclude - Entecavir (By mouth)
Baridium - Phenazopyridine (By mouth)
Barium sulfate (By mouth)
Basiliximab (Injection)
Baycadron Elixir - Corticosteroids (By mouth)
Baycadron Elixir - Dexamethasone (By mouth)
Bayer Aspirin Children's - Aspirin (By mouth)
Bayer Extra Strength - Aspirin (By mouth)
Bayer Genuine Aspirin - Aspirin (By mouth)
Bayer Plus Extra Strength - Aspirin combination (By mouth)
Bayer PM Extra Strength - Analgesic/antihistamine (By mouth)
Bayhep B - Hepatitis B immune globulin (Injection)
Baza Antfungal Skin Care Pack - Miconazole (On the skin)
Baza Antifungal - Miconazole (On the skin)
BC - Aspirin/caffeine (By mouth)
BC Arthritis - Aspirin/caffeine (By mouth)
BCG Vaccine - Bacillus of calmette and guerin vaccine, live (Injection)
BD PosiFlush SF - Parenteral electrolyte, sodium (Injection)
BD PosiFlush SF - Sodium chloride (Injection)
Bebulin VH - Factor ix complex human (Injection)
Becaplermin (On the skin)
Beclomethasone (By breathing)
Beclomethasone (Into the nose)
Beclovent - Beclomethasone (By breathing)
Beconase - Beclomethasone (Into the nose)
Beconase AQ - Beclomethasone (Into the nose)
Belladonna alkaloids/caffeine/ergotamine/pentobarbital (Rectal)
Belladonna/opium (Rectal)
Belladonna/Phenobarbital - Antimuscarinic combination (By mouth)
Belladonna/Phenobarbital - Hyoscyamine/atropine/scopolamine/phenobarbital (By mouth)
Benadryl - Antipruritic (On the skin)
Benadryl - Diphenhydramine (Injection)
Benadryl Allergy - Antihistamine (By mouth)
Benadryl Allergy - Diphenhydramine (By mouth)
Benadryl Allergy Plus Cold - Analgesic/antihistamine/decongestant (By mouth)
Benadryl Allergy Plus Sinus Headache - Analgesic/antihistamine/decongestant (By mouth)
Benadryl Extra Strength Itch Stopping Cream - Antipruritic (On the skin)
Benadryl Itch Stopping Gel - Diphenhydramine (On the skin)
Benazepril (By mouth)
Benazepril/hydrochlorothiazide (By mouth)
Bencort - Corticosteroid combination (On the skin)
Bendamustine (Injection)
Benefiber - Laxative, Bulk-forming (By mouth)
Benefix - Factor ix complex recombinant (Injection)
Benicar - Olmesartan (By mouth)
Benicar HCT - Olmesartan/hydrochlorothiazide (By mouth)
Benoxinate/fluorescein (Into the eye)
Bentoquatam (On the skin)
Bentyl - Dicyclomine (By mouth)
Bentyl - Dicyclomine (Injection)
Benzac AC - Benzoyl peroxide (On the skin)
Benzac W - Benzoyl peroxide (On the skin)
Benzaclin - Antibacterial (Single agent) (On the skin)
Benzaclin - Benzoyl peroxide/clindamycin (On the skin)
Benzacot - Trimethobenzamide (Injection)
Benzamycin - Erythromycin/benzoyl peroxide (On the skin)
Benzamycin Pak - Erythromycin/benzoyl peroxide (On the skin)
Benziq LS - Benzoyl peroxide (On the skin)
Benzocaine (By mouth)
Benzocaine (Into the ear)
Benzocaine (On the skin)
Benzocaine/butamben/tetracaine (On the skin)
Benzocaine/menthol (By mouth)
Benzodiazepines (By mouth)
Benzoin compound/podophyllum (On the skin)
Benzonatate (By mouth)
Benz-O-Sthetic - Benzocaine (By mouth)
Benzoyl peroxide (On the skin)
Benzoyl Peroxide 5 Gel - Benzoyl peroxide (On the skin)
Benzoyl peroxide/clindamycin (On the skin)
Benzphetamine (By mouth)
Benztropine (Injection)
Benztropine mesylate (By mouth)
Benzylpenicilloyl polylysine (Injection)
Bepotastine besilate (Into the eye)
Bepreve - Bepotastine besilate (Into the eye)
Beractant (Into the breathing tube)
Berinert - C1 esterase inhibitor, human (Injection)
Besifloxacin (Into the eye)
Besivance - Besifloxacin (Into the eye)
Beta carotene (By mouth)
Beta Hc - Hydrocortisone (On the skin)
Betadine - Povidone iodine (Into the eye)
Betagan - Levobunolol (Into the eye)
Betamethasone (By mouth)
Betamethasone (Injection)
Betamethasone dipropionate (On the skin)
Betamethasone dipropionate, augmented (On the skin)
Betamethasone dipropionate/calcipotriene (On the skin)
Betamethasone sodium phosphate/betamethasone acetate (Injection)
Betamethasone valerate (On the skin)
Betamethasone/clotrimazole (On the skin)
Betapace - Sotalol (By mouth)
Betapace AF - Sotalol (By mouth)
Betasept - Chlorhexidine (On the skin)
Betaseron - Interferon Beta-1b (Injection)
Betatar Gel - Coal tar (On the skin)
Beta-Val - Betamethasone valerate (On the skin)
Beta-Val - Corticosteroids (On the skin)
Betaxolol (By mouth)
Betaxolol (Into the eye)
Bethanechol (By mouth)
Betimol - Timolol (Into the eye)
Betoptic S - Betaxolol (Into the eye)
Bevacizumab (Injection)
Bexarotene (By mouth)
Bexarotene (On the skin)
Bexxar - Iodine I 131 tositumomab (Injection)
Bexxar - Tositumomab (Injection)
Biaxin - Clarithromycin (By mouth)
Biaxin Filmtab - Clarithromycin (By mouth)
Biaxin XL - Clarithromycin (By mouth)
Bicalutamide (By mouth)
Bicillin C-R - Penicillin G benzathine/penicillin G procaine (Injection)
Bicillin C-R 900/300 - Penicillin G benzathine/penicillin G procaine (Injection)
Bicillin CR 900/300 - Penicillin G benzathine/penicillin G procaine (Injection)
Bicillin L-A - Penicillin G benzathine (Injection)
Bicnu - Carmustine (Injection)
Bidex 400 - Guaifenesin (By mouth)
Bidhist - Brompheniramine (By mouth)
Bidil - Isosorbide dinitrate/hydralazine (By mouth)
Biltricide - Praziquantel (By mouth)
Bimatoprost (Into the eye)
Bio Glo - Fluorescein (Into the eye)
Bio-Cef - Cephalexin (By mouth)
Biofreeze - Analgesic (On the skin)
Biofreeze - Camphor/menthol (On the skin)
Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel - Camphor/menthol (On the skin)
Bion Tears - Eye lubricant (Into the eye)
Bionect - Hyaluronic acid (On the skin)
BIO-Sport Vigor - Vitamin B complex (By mouth)
Bio-Statin - Nystatin (By mouth)
Biotene Dry Mouth Mouthwash - Mouthwash (Into the mouth)
Biotene Mouthwash w/ Calcium - Mouthwash (Into the mouth)
Biotene Oral Balance - Mouthwash (Into the mouth)
Biotene PBF Dry Mouth Mouthwash - Mouthwash (Into the mouth)
Biothrax - Anthrax vaccine adsorbed (Injection)
Biotuss - Dextromethorphan/guaifenesin/phenylephrine (By mouth)
Biotuss DM - Antitussive/expectorant (By mouth)
Biotuss Pediatric - Dextromethorphan/guaifenesin/phenylephrine (By mouth)
Biotussin AC - Narcotic-antitussive/expectorant (By mouth)
Biotussin DAC - Narcotic-antitussive/decongestant/expectorant (By mouth)
Biperiden (By mouth)
Bisac-Evac - Bisacodyl (By mouth)
Bisac-Evac - Laxatives, stimulant (Suppository) (Rectal)
Bisacodyl (By mouth)
Biscolax - Bisacodyl (By mouth)
Biscolax - Laxatives, stimulant (Suppository) (Rectal)
Bismatrol - Bismuth subsalicylate (By mouth)
Bismuth subcitrate/metronidazole/tetracycline (By mouth)
Bismuth subsalicylate (By mouth)
Bismuth subsalicylate/metronidazole/tetracycline (By mouth)
Bisoprolol (By mouth)
Bisoprolol Fumarate/Hydrochlorothiazide - Bisoprolol/hydrochlorothiazide (By mouth)
Bisoprolol/hydrochlorothiazide (By mouth)
Bivalirudin (Injection)
Bleomycin (Injection)
Bleph-10 - Sulfacetamide (Into the eye)
Blephamide - Antibiotic/Anti-inflammatory combinations (Into the eye)
Blephamide - Sulfacetamide/prednisolone (Into the eye)
Blephamide S.O.P. - Antibiotic/Anti-inflammatory combinations (Into the eye)
Blephamide S.O.P. - Sulfacetamide/prednisolone (Into the eye)
Blistex - Analgesic (On the skin)
Boniva - Ibandronate (By mouth)
Boniva - Ibandronate (Injection)
Bontril - Phendimetrazine (By mouth)
Bontril PDM - Phendimetrazine (By mouth)
Bontril Slow-Release - Phendimetrazine (By mouth)
Boostrix - Diphtheria/acellular pertussis/tetanus booster vaccine (Tdap) (Injection)
Boostrix - Diphtheria/acellular pertussis/tetanus vaccine (DTaP) (Injection)
Borofair - Antibacterials (Into the ear)
Bortezomib (Injection)
Bosentan (By mouth)
Botox - Onabotulinumtoxina (Injection)
Botox Cosmetic - Onabotulinumtoxina (Injection)
Botulism immune globulin (Injection)
BP Poly-650 - Acetaminophen/muscle relaxer (By mouth)
BPM 6MG - Brompheniramine (By mouth)
BPO 4% Gel - Benzoyl peroxide (On the skin)
BPO 8% Gel - Benzoyl peroxide (On the skin)
Bravelle - Urofollitropin (Injection)
Brethine - Terbutaline (By mouth)
Brevibloc - Esmolol (Injection)
Brevital Sodium - Methohexital (Injection)
Brevoxyl-4 - Antiacne antibacterial (On the skin)
Brevoxyl-4 - Benzoyl peroxide (On the skin)
Brevoxyl-8 - Antiacne antibacterial (On the skin)
Brevoxyl-8 - Benzoyl peroxide (On the skin)
Brilliant green/gentian violet/proflavine (On the skin)
Brimonidine (Into the eye)
Brimonidine Tartrate - Brimonidine (Into the eye)
Brimonidine/timolol (Into the eye)
Brinzolamide (Into the eye)
Brite-Life Fiber Powder - Laxative, Bulk-forming (By mouth)
Brite-Life K-Pec - Bismuth subsalicylate (By mouth)
Brite-Life Medicated Wipes - Astringent (On the skin)
Brite-Life Miconazole 3 - Miconazole (On the skin)
Brite-Life Miconazole 3 - Miconazole (Vaginal)
Brite-Life Motion Sickness Relief - Meclizine (By mouth)
Bromatan Plus - Dexchlorpheniramine/dextromethorphan/pseudoephedrine (By mouth)
Bromax - Brompheniramine (By mouth)
Bromaxefed DM RF - Antihistamine/antitussive/decongestant (By mouth)
Bromfenac (Into the eye)
Bromfenex - Antihistamine/decongestant (By mouth)
Bromfenex PD - Antihistamine/decongestant (By mouth)
Bromhist PDX - Antihistamine/antitussive/decongestant (By mouth)
Bromhist-DM Pediatric - Antitussive/antihistamine/decongestant/expectorant (By mouth)
Bromhist-PDX - Antitussive/antihistamine/decongestant/expectorant (By mouth)
Bromocriptine (By mouth)
Brompheniramine (By mouth)
Brompheniramine (Injection)
Brompheniramine/phenylephrine/carbetapentane (By mouth)
Bromplex DM - Antihistamine/antitussive/decongestant (By mouth)
Broncho Saline - Sodium chloride (By breathing)
Broncho Saline 0.9% Aerosal - Sodium chloride (By breathing)
Broncomar - Xanthine bronchodilators (By mouth)
Broncotron - Antitussive/expectorant (By mouth)
Brovana - Arformoterol (By breathing)
BroveX CB - Narcotic-antitussive/antihistamine (By mouth)
BroveX CBX - Narcotic-antitussive/antihistamine (By mouth)
BSS - Irrigation solution (Irrigation)
B-Tuss - Narcotic-antitussive/antihistamine/decongestant (By mouth)
Budeprion SR - Bupropion (By mouth)
Budeprion XL - Bupropion (By mouth)
Budesonide (By breathing)
Budesonide (By mouth)
Budesonide (Into the nose)
Budesonide/formoterol (By breathing)
Buffered aspirin/pravastatin (By mouth)
Bufferin - Aspirin (By mouth)
Bufferin - Aspirin combination (By mouth)
Bufferin Extra Strength - Aspirin combination (By mouth)
Bulk-K - Laxative, Bulk-forming (By mouth)
Bumetanide - Bumetanide (By mouth)
Bumetanide (By mouth)
Bumetanide (Injection)
Bumex - Bumetanide (By mouth)
Buminate - Albumin (Injection)
Buminate - Volume expander (Injection)
Bupap - Butalbital/acetaminophen (By mouth)
Buphenyl - Sodium phenylbutyrate (By mouth)
Bupivacaine (Injection)
Bupivacaine/epinephrine (Injection)
Bupivacaine/lidocaine (Injection)
Bupivacaine/sodium chloride premix (Injection)
Buprenex - Buprenorphine (Injection)
Buprenorphine (Absorbed through the skin)
Buprenorphine (By mouth)
Buprenorphine (Injection)
Buprenorphine/naloxone (By mouth)
Buproban - Bupropion (By mouth)
Bupropion (By mouth)
Burnamycin - Lidocaine (On the skin)
Burn-O-Jel - Lidocaine (On the skin)
Buspar - Buspirone (By mouth)
Buspar Dividose - Buspirone (By mouth)
Buspirone (By mouth)
Busulfan (By mouth)
Busulfan (Injection)
Busulfex - Busulfan (Injection)
Butabarbital (By mouth)
Butalbital/acetaminophen (By mouth)
Butalbital/acetaminophen/caffeine (By mouth)
Butalbital/aspirin/caffeine (By mouth)
Butalbital/aspirin/codeine/caffeine (By mouth)
Butenafine (On the skin)
Butex Forte - Butalbital/acetaminophen (By mouth)
Butisol Sodium - Butabarbital (By mouth)
Butorphanol (Injection)
Butorphanol (Into the nose)
BUTORPHanol Tartrate Novaplus - Butorphanol (Injection)
Byetta - Exenatide (Injection)
Bystolic - Nebivolol (By mouth)
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