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Encourage Water Intake

Water is important for good health. Your child's daily water needs will change depending on age, physical activity level, the temperature in the room or outside, and their overall health.
Physically active children need more water, especially in higher
temperatures. If they have a fever or diarrhea, they also need more water.

Drink up for good health:

  • Drinking smaller amounts more frequently helps with hydration and prevents kids from feeling so full from fluids that they're not hungry at mealtime.
  • To keep water chilled, fill a water bottle half full and freeze over night and then top off the bottle in the morning.
  • When it's hot outside and children are playing hard, have them drink water before, during and after the activity. About four ounces of fluid every 15 - 20 minutes is recommended. (Tip: one ounce is about one gulp). Consider these recommendations when it's cold out too. Children in layered clothing and protective gear will sweat more in cold weather too.
  • Add an orange, lemon or lime slice for natural flavor and color.

How much water?
Children 4 - 8 years of age should drink approximately 5 cups a day
Girls and Boys 9 - 13 should drink approximately 7 to 8 cups a day
Girls and Boys 14 - 18 should drink approximately 8 - 11 cups a day

Fruit drinks and punches can contain added sugars and calories so be cautious!  100% fruit juice can count as one of your child's servings of fruit for the day, but doesn't have the beneficial fiber of a fruit serving. Sports drinks and sodas are usually stacked with extra calories and sugars - avoid these.
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