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What Can Parents Do?

Remember actions speak louder than words!
Children imitate what their parents do.

  1. Provide:
    • Healthy foods and beverages
    • Skim milk and low fat dairy products
    • Fruits instead of cookies or chips
    • Veggies for after school snacks
    • Limit 100% juice to 6 oz a day if your child is 6 years or younger and 12oz for older children
    • Food & Your Child Information
  2. Find a physical activity that the family can do together - like walking
    or biking.
  3. Turn off the television/video games, especially at the dinner hour.
  4. Focus quality time around family meals; eat and share your day together.
  5. Provide regular sleep/wake times for your child. Remove televisions, video games, phones and computers from the bedroom.

What to do if your child is overweight?

  1. Avoid blame. It's best to focus on moving forward by discussing possible causes while exploring medical recommendations.
  2. Most experts agree that the best way to manage a child's weight problem is to work with your family doctor and dietician to develop a health plan that allows the child to grow into their appropriate Body Mass Index range. This is accomplished by improving the quality of the foods your child eats (low fat and nutrient rich foods) and increasing the amount of calories they are able to burn off by regular exercise.
  3. The most common reasons that a child is overweight are  lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating patterns. In some cases, a medical problem such as an endocrine disorder may cause a child to become overweight. Your physician can perform a careful physical exam and some blood tests, if necessary, to check for this type of problem.

Get the Facts.

Being overweight increases the risk of:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Fatty liver
  • Joint and bone problems
  • Difficulty with balance
  • Depression
  • Social stigma
  • Sleep apnea

Health problems are also compounded when a child is overweight. Sleep apnea, asthma and skin problems tend to be more severe in over weight children and overweight children are more likely to be hospitalized. Again, working with the healthcare team to develop a plan of care will help families manage and minimize potential problems.


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 When Healthcare Services are Required.

When healthcare services are required, Mercy Children's Hospital has earned a regional reputation for expertise in treating critically ill or injured children. Our board certified pediatric specialists have completed years of critical care training. They are key members of a team that features pediatric specialists from gastroenterology to cardiology (including cardiac catheterizations) to a comprehensive oncology/hematology program. And for the most critically ill newborns, our neonatal intensive care unit is rated Level III, the highest possible, for its state-of-the-art technology and experienced professionals.

As well as critical care specialists, Mercy Children's Hospital believes that every child needs a home; a medical home where they can be cared for and followed as they grow. It's no wonder when children need the highest level of specialized care they come to Mercy Children's.

For a physician referral, call Mercy HealthLink at 419.251.4000 or visit Find a Physician on
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