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Oncology Services

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Women's Cancer Treatment in Toledo

Mercy's dedicated cancer doctors help diagnose, treat, and educate you on the unique characteristics involved in women's cancer treatment. While breast and ovarian cancers remain the most prevalent forms afflicting women today, Mercy treats nearly every form of cancer. Our comprehensive approach to providing cancer services for you and your family has made us a leading cancer treatment provider in Toledo and the surrounding areas.

Contact us to learn how Mercy can help you maintain the quality of life that you deserve with our cancer treatment services within Northwest Ohio.


Mercy Cancer Services in Northwest Ohio

At Mercy, we're equipped and trained with an innovative approach to addressing women's cancer, including our thorough ovarian cancer treatment procedures. While the symptoms are often difficult to detect or sometimes ignored, we have advanced cancer screening services available to increase early detection and improve your chances of wellness.
Mercy's cancer care services include:
  • Digital Mammography/mammograms
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Computerized Tomography (CT/CAT) scans
  • X-rays with new Digital Fluoroscopic capabilities
  • Stereotactic Breast Biopsy
  • Tumor Markers

Find Cancer Doctors in Toledo

Once women reach age 40, the chances of acquiring breast cancer increase significantly. Because of this, it's important to routinely perform self-examinations, but with our help, there's more you can do to help ensure your wellness. It's also vital to have regular breast cancer screenings (mammograms) performed. At Mercy, our digital imaging technology and experienced cancer doctors help detect lumps and tumors that are otherwise hidden to your touch.

Multiple genetic and lifestyle factors may contribute to breast cancer development. Mercy helps connect you with cancer doctors and professionals that will perform screenings, and apply breast cancer treatment in a compassionate, caring manner.


Cancer Treatment Services at Mercy

At our cancer treatment centers, Mercy's cancer services greatly improve your odds of early detection; thus, helping to eliminate invasive cells before they metastasize (spread to other organs). Depending on the location, size, or type of cancer, our cancer doctors will recommend the treatment that gives you an increased chance to conquer this disease.

Contact us or visit a Mercy Cancer Center for a personal cancer consultation and more information on our cancer treatment options.

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